Hardware and How to choose it.

When you’re about to choose your hardware its like the last finishing piece. Easy peasy…..you’ve came this far right? How could it be harder than picking my cabinet colors, flooring, back splash, ect? Well think again…

You have a lot to think about, between knobs and handle, both? finish? size? varying sizes?

Lets start with one thought at a time; Knobs vs. Handles?  Knobs on your base cabinets can be tricky, have you ever got a pant loop stuck on a knob? The design change here is to put knobs only on wall cabinets or on a 3-5 drawer base.

Varying sizes and directions of your pulls give great dimension to a room.

Details that you almost miss

The next thing to think about is the height from where the knob/ pull is mounted to the cabinets to where your hand rest when opening the cabinet. Is your husband a Paul Bunyan with hands to match?  Well keep that in mind when your purchasing your hardware, you don’t want anything that feels to big in your hand or anything that feels to dainty in your hand.

Designers Top Pick!

So now you’ve picked your size and shape of your knobs/pulls whats left?  The Finish! The Finish for the hardware has to compliment the finish on your cabinets, your sink and faucet, and your back-splash and counter top. With many different finishes we could go on and on but just remember at Modern Home Kitchen and Bath you’ll never go through this alone, we are here every step of the way

These T knobs compliment the Husk cabinet with the quartz top!

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